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Monday, April 22, 2013

French Style At Home

John and I often dream about living in another country and France always comes up as a favorite for both of us. While we have only been to Paris together I was lucky enough to travel through the countryside with my family when I studied abroad one summer during my college days. After a lovely week in Paris we headed towards the beautiful champagne region called Reims. Dont you think there is just something so intriguing about the way the french live that draws me in??? I believe so and it often has me imagining a small chateau style home with views of rolling hills with lots of vintage doors and windows that open to a breeze that keeps the house naturally cool. A simple yet stylish kitchen that is filled with fresh herbs, tons of baguettes and where rose is always tell me that doesn't that sound like absolute bliss???  But here I am in Cambridge, MA writing this post and realizing that this daydream is unlikely unless I bring some of those elements to New England. Luckily about a week ago I attended West Elm's opening of their Market line in Boston and I noticed a plethora of french inspired items that you can add to your home for a little more of that luxury lifestyle. 

1 comment:

  1. I loveee the West Elm Market line! I'd love them all in my kitchen!


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