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Monday, February 25, 2013

For the Love of the Weekend Getaway - NY Edition

 Morning friends! John and I are back in the bean after an excellent few days in NYC and visiting my family on Shelter Island. If you are addicted to Instagram as much as I am, I apologize in advance as some of these photos have already been shared on my feed. 

I arrived late Tuesday which in NYC means nothing in the city that never sleeps. Luckily we love to dine late and the meatpacking district where we stayed is chock full of exquisite dining choices. Beaumarchais was our first stop and it was absolutely ahhhmazing. We indulged in tuna and steak tartare along with truffled chicken and delicious strawberry puree sangria. It was heaven. Go there if your ever in the city, the french shabby chic interior and fun music {think Rhianna & Toto brilliantly mixed} along with the firecracker champagne bottles kept us totally entertained throughout the delicious meal. 

While we usually stay at our beloved London Hotel. It was booked because of Social Media week. So we ventured downtown and stayed at The Standard in the super trendy meatpacking district. Our sassy studio was absolute perfection. We had views of The Hudson River, Empire State building and the high-line which meant that most of our walls were windows and resulted in a letter from management about visibility to the outside {whoopsies}. We indulged in tubs with a view, room service and watching some ice skaters right outside our door. 

My main squeeze had to work the afternoon of my birthday so I was lucky to have a lunch date with another fellow from college of which we met at The Smith. We indulged in Blue Cheese fondue potato chips, German pretzels, and finished with champagne and cupcakes. A very well balanced meal. 

I wasn't very good about taking photos the night of my birthday as I was following one of my resolutions and trying to stay off social media during special occasions - don't you think it's important to live in the moment??? I snapped a few quick photos of myself walking out the door along with my birthday present from DVF and the special dessert we had at the very fun Spice Market.  We indulged on coconut chicken soup {ridiculously delicious} and drank a few pitchers of the passion fruit sangria of which I will be trying to replicate to share with you all here on the blog. 

John had to fly to DC the morning after my birthday so I headed to LI and got to meet my cousins new black lab Teddy. He is such a sweet boy and just like every puppy he loves and wants all of your attention. When he isn't getting what he thinks is sufficient amount of your time he can be quite destructive. Why are puppies even more adorable amongst their carnage???

I also drove past the house I grew up in. I was slightly annoyed to see that the new owners had cut down so much of our front yard {and abandoned all the gardening} never mind the hideous satellite which now takes residence on the roof. It's safe to say it was a bittersweet visit. While I still feel attached to the house that I always called home, it's been a long time since we all were within those walls together whereas Shelter Island is where we now gather for fun summers and holidays. 

I couldn't resist some shopping in South Hampton and Roosevelt field. I was good and didn't purchase any of the below but if you know me, it took every ounce of will power not too.

Saturday night my folks took us out for dinner at my favorite restaurant on our tiny island, Vine Street. 
We dined on their famous calamari salad, truffled rigatoni and drank blood orange margaritas to wash it all down. The grand finale was their heavenly sticky toffee pudding. After dinner we hit up another great island watering hole, restaurant and hotel La Maison Blanche where I put back one too many St. Germain Cocktails. It's pretty safe to assume that I woke up Sunday with a hellacious headache. 

I have to admit, this past week made me feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Birthdays can really make you feel so special and loved. I am truly grateful for everyone I have in my life!


  1. happy happy birthday! so glad you had an awesome weekend!

  2. all of the food here makes me so damn hungry. and like...i can't believe you didn't get those letters! I want to get us a C & A because I'm narcissistic like that, obvi. Glad you had an awesome weekend!


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