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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simplifying The Wardrobe

Let's face it, women like options and by options I mean clothes. The more clothes the better, right??? I used always thought so. However as I get older and learned continue to learn on how to share a closet with my husband I find that I wear a few common pieces again and again leaving lots of clothes in my closet underutilized.  So while I write about oh so many of the fashionable trends taking place in the world of retail, I have to admit I don't always buy or even wear them. I am a big believer in buying good basics  {good doesn't always mean expensive}  that you can wear over and over without looking the same every day.  I also believe in key staple pieces like a great coat and bag. Those are usually luxury items for me that I am gifted or are purchased once a year and get a good cost per wear {my husband laughs his ass off every time I use that term} but I honestly believe if you do buy something that is expensive and wear it a ton then it's worth every penny! 

Last week I received an email from an old friend from NY who is living abroad with her adorable kiddos and her husband. Her question below was too familiar and perfect because I too have had to simplify my wardrobe due to space restrictions and thought this would be an excellent exercise for myself and anyone else who is interested in creating a wardrobe that can be used for different seasons as well as through the years without wasting your money or time. Now I just need to learn to pack for trips without bringing my entire steps steps.

"Right now, I am trying to simplify my closet...get rid of the things that I really don't wear and replace it with some classic pieces. Moving with the military, I often have to pack light and I just don't feel like carrying around all of these bags of shoes and clothes! Don't get me wrong, I love options, but I find myself wearing the same things over and over and neglecting so much in the closet! Do you have any suggestions or advice on helping me simplify my closet... like shoes/clothes that are a must and are timeless in fashion!"

Go Shopping

Outerweartrench // wool coat
Tops - striped // denim // tee // tunic // silk blouse // lace blouse
Blazers - denim // tweed // black // navy

I hope this was helpful in building a wardrobe with stylish basics! If there is ever anything I can ever help you with - please feel free to email me & I will be happy to feature on the blog -


  1. This was amazing! I'm right there with you as I'm trying to declutter my closet (and life!), but it's hard to do it while still wanting tons of options.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I hear you friend - This was a super helpful exercise for me to put together. While I love all my shoes, I find myself wearing the same three pairs over and over.

  3. Ah one of my co-workers was JUST asking me what she should have in her wardrobe and I only listed about half of these things. Totally sending this to her now :)

  4. i love this. i have been working on perfecting my wardrobe. i try to stay away from black (except jeans & tights) since it looks too harsh on me. and i love nude pumps instead of black ones, unless i need to wear tights.

  5. This is awesome!! Now can you PRETTY PLEASE just come evaluate my closet, take me shopping, and make this happen in my wardrobe?! I'll provide the wine and Brie :-)

    1. Its your lucky day - I work for Brie & Wine instead of cash...I think we need to make a date pronto!

  6. Heidi, This is amazing! I love the list and all the areas you touched on! I actually have more than I thought, but I am still far off, so thank you for taking the time and doing this! I'm off to make some room in my closet! Thanks again Heidi-this is exactly what I was looking for! xo


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