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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Peanut Butter Chocolate Truffles

Happy 2013 Friends....I would like to start today's post with a full disclosure that I promise you this isn't turning into a food blog! If I keep making all the recipes and cocktails that I have been featuring on here I will most certainly not be able to fit into the fashions I so dearly love. The hubs and I decided to do something we usually don't ever have the chance to do and that is a staycation over the holiday weekend. The combination of free time along with the frigid Boston temperatures meant I was inside cooking {and by cooking I mean making cocktails and truffles}. Since John & I were staying in this New Years Eve I decided I would tackle the desserts and beverages while he prepared our amazing feast. You already saw the delish pomegranate punch earlier this week which featured all my favorite flavors so I knew I wanted dessert to be all about my husbands favorites, and pretty much anything chocolate is a one way ticket to his heart. Combine chocolate with peanut butter and he is in complete nirvana.  I used this recipe and even packaged a few extra for my sweet neighbor & friend to enjoy too, the perfect accompaniment with some prosecco for an indulgent dessert!

The Ingredients

Melt Chocolate, Cream & Butter in bowl over almost boiling water

Constantly stir all the ingredients till melted & evenly blended, remove chocolate from heat & refrigerate. Once chilled use a melon scooper to get even scoops of chocolate and roll in your hand like a meatball. 

Crush the roasted peanuts in a bag for topping to roll the truffles in later

Once rolled & coated in nuts, refridgerate another half hour.

Once cool & less soft, package & gift away!



  1. STOP those look delightful. Gah I want one now and it's only 10:30!

    1. Come on by - I have a few dozen that I can't afford to eat or my clothes wont fit :)


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