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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cupids Cocktails

I have to admit I was never a huge go all crazy for valentines day kind of gal. I do however love having a reason to create a fun new cocktail and share with all of you! As of late, John & I have been enjoying our holidays at home and treating ourselves to either a nice bottle of bubbly, indulging in a luxurious home cooked meal or combining the two with a total calorie fest. So with the upcoming valentines holiday I thought I would share two options for entertaining your sweetie at home with two recipes {one for breakfast & one for dessert} I created for the upcoming Valentines Day. They are super easy, delish & affordable. Extra bonus is that there is a perfectly paired snack for each drink that is equally easy breezy. Enjoy!

Let's start with dessert, shall we! I kept it simple but delicious with a sorbet cocktail & white chocolate drizzled popcorn {perfect combination of sweet & salty}. When mixing bubbly with other ingredients I always turn to prosecco, not only is it sweeter then champagne but it pairs well with lots of different flavors. Extra bonus is it's price point, super affordable whether you are hosting or entertaining for two!

Cocktails in the morning??? Yes please!!! My valentines spin on the traditional mimosa is a bit boozier but equally tasty and you can refill the prosecco before your cubes melt.  Question: What goes better with alcohol??? Answer: Carbs! Question: What makes carbs even better??? Answer: Strawberry butter! Check out all the deets below on you can create this breakfast for your sweetie!


  1. These are FABULOUS ideas Heidi! I especially love the first drink idea; I think I'll be drinking that a lot from now on...

  2. I don't know why I don't ever take the extra minute to make compound butters...either savory or sweet ~ and even though I'm anti-Vday, I'm totally loving that you molded the butter into little heart-shaped pats.


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