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Monday, December 3, 2012

Decorative Decals

Friday I was ordering some Christmas presents from West Elm and came across this adorable tea towel. I was first intrigued because I definitely could use something like this in the kitchen and secondly I was completely smitten with the banner layout, black and white colors and vintage look yet modern design. When I read the details of the towel and saw it's creator I decided to dig a bit deeper into the artists work and I am so glad I did. I stumbled onto the web site for Shanna Murray and her incredible decals.

Below are just a small sample of my favorites offered by this super talented designer. The uses are of the darling decals are truly endless. I love the idea of adorning a child's walls with a simple "you are loved" or a "welcome" sign at your front door. Even a simple of "be kind" or be brave" on a class room chalk board for all those inspiring teachers out there. A simple "bow" on a black door is super chic. I also am loving the custom option which would be perfect for a wedding or even your business. 

Which is your favorite & where would you use it?

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