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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Morning

Anyone who knows me would likely laugh hysterically if asked how I behave in AM. I am a pretty unpleasant person to be around before 10 AM and it's pretty safe to say that I am not quite human till that time. Thankfully Santa knows this and delivers all the presents to our house on Christmas Eve allowing us to sleep in on Christmas Day. However this year we are celebrating Christmas in Connecticut, so Santa if you are reading, I will NOT be in my usual location, please forward all gifts to New Canaan, thank you and love you long time!!!

Since my sister is hosting this years festivities I thought I would work on my morning tude with some daily exercises of being cheery in the AM {ya know, mimosas before work, watching GMA to see Josh Elliot and so on.... so far it's not going as well as I hoped so I had to return to my go-to tool for when I am in the worst of moods and that is pajamas to wear on Christmas morning are most definitely the answer! I mean a new ensemble can motivate me to go to the gym so why not motivate me to wake up and actually be a normal person for just this one day :) I imagine the day to look a little something like this...

Waking up to this...
{with hopes that a puppy is one of those presents}

Snuggling with these furry faces...
Khloe, Murray & Mabel

Wearing this...

And finally...eating this & drinking a tea mimosa out this 
{mugs hold more then champagne glasses so yes this makes perfect sense}


What are your holiday plans???


  1. Love it all! Seems like the perfect Christmas morning to me, especially if there was a puppy for me!

  2. I hope we both get our Christmas wishes :)


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