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Friday, November 9, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - For Your Pet

Let's face it, our furry friends are a significant part of our families and deserve to be gifted for their unconditional love {even if they ate your favorite pair of shoes, it really just means that they missed you and your musk}. While I haven't been able to get the hubs to crack on getting a pooch YET and a pup will be on my xmas list every year till I do. I do know my families pups Khloe, Murray & Mabel will be getting lots of special treats and hopefully below lies some ideas for your four legged friend - Happy Gift Giving!!!

Untitled #225
Every dog deserves a lux place to sleep, in our home this usually means the foot of the bed. However that definitely isn't for everyone! I adore this classic color combo of blue and white patterned lounger to allow your pup sleep in style without having an eye sore of a dog bed in your home.

Taking your dog for a walk at night is a necessity when you live in the city. Why not be extra careful and have your pup on a light up leash so cars and passers by see you coming.

I wish I could credit for finding this little gem of a purposeful toy. However a friend shared & I knew I had to use on the gift guide. Give your kitty the ultimate gift of a turntable for their clawing pleasures.

Humans have Birchbox, our pets have BarkBox. A monthly mail order of curated goodies for your furry baby. I love this idea as a gift for a new pet owner or someone who is low on time of pet shopping.

Jonathan Adler always has a cheeky spin on everything he does. I love these Puppy Uppers & Kitty Crack canisters for their quirkiness and circus tent design. Fill them up with your pups favorite treat and give your pup and yourself a great gift this holiday.

Let's face it, dogs can get smelly. They need to get bathed and most of the time they hate it. Make the grooming process more spa like with some luxury products perfect for their skin and leave you with a freshly smelling pooch.

If you have larger sized dogs like my family, you know the jumbo bags of dog food are far from chic to look at. Why not keep your pups kibble in some classic white tin pails for serving them in style.

If you are a pet owner that has to crate trains your pup this toy may be perfect for your pooch. A biscuit maze that will give them hours of entertainment as well as a reward of a treat when they get it all in place.

Its likely your dogs bowls of water & food are in your kitchen and we all know the kitchen is the room where everyone congregates when entertaining. Why not give your home and your pooch some pretty bowls to enjoy their kibble out of and for you to look at.

Intelligent design and research went into the making of this ordinarily looking dog bone. Giving your pet the sensation that they are destroying it without ruining the toy will ensure hours of play and a lifetime of durability. Bonus - comes in different sizes to perfectly fit your pooches mouth. 

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