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Sunday, October 28, 2012

You had me at Holiday Catalog

I would like to start off this post with a disclaimer; I am not prego and no I don't have babies on the brain just because I am writing about things for children again. I just can't take when I see something SO GOOD. I knew when I received the Restoration Hardware Baby & Child Holiday catalog I had to share it with you all.  I usually toss away so many mags that don't pertain to my current lifestyle but I usually cant resist anything holidays so I started perusing the glossy pages and knew this one had to be shared with you all! I swear if there was ever a reason to have children {besides my beloved Crew Cuts of course} this seriously would be it. Take a looksee for yourself!

Imagine this is your sons play room, which whip shall we drive today???

My four nieces NEED these faux fur booties STAT

I mean seriously - cuteness overload.

what kid doesn't love a tent, I usually had to make mine out of the couch cushions & blankets

the prettiest of pretty wall art for a little girls room. I am OBSESSED with these paper dresses, I guess good art is expensive for a reason!

Tigress Sleeping Bag - Does this come in adult size? I NEED!

Don't even get me started on anything that is elephant. I frigging love everything with elephant. It's a problem.

Love these leather & glitter charm bracelets, so flipping cute for the little ladies!

What little one doesn't need a crown to be reminded how fabulous they are!

This "play" furniture is TOO good - I would seriously use that table for a desk if I didn't have to kneel at it.

The faux fur line is off the charts. Every single piece is redonk.

OK so this bedding is for a child but I would seriously use in cabin or lake house. I mean adorable moose with perfectly paired plaid & faux fur. Its brilliant!

The perfect little boys room {in my opinion of course}

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