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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Blogging with Curly In The City

Hey Y'all!!!! Taylor here from Curly in the City...I am so excited to be filling in for lil missy while she vacations away in Wine Country (without us, I might add!!!) So jealous!!!

Time to talk weather. I'm a California girl (born and raised) and still struggling to get used to 'Seasons', so let's chat! 

For Chicagoan's it doesn't seem like we are getting much of a Fall this year. It's been really cold! It was in the low 70's then...boom. High's in the 40's. And maybe 50. So, really what happened to a month at 60, so I could wear all my cute light jackets?! I guess we might be just skipping it! Or rather a warm version of it! :) I think I've been perpetually cold for 2 weeks now. I am not ready for where this is going. 

Which leads me to winter. So winter..... She is a brat and we know it. Living here, going on 5 years now. I've learned you just have to grin and bare it. And do your bestest to be darn cute while doing it! Which after 5 years I am finally getting the hang of. {Personal note, the first 3 years I was just trying to survive. Commuting in a blizzard, or waiting on a corner in -15 for the bus. They don't make us Cali girls to survive that, I had to learn the not cute way.}

But now, I am all about it. Cute and warm. And warm. Did I mention warm?!?

This year on the cute coat front I'm thinking I need a parka. I purchased great black and navy wool coats last year (like the center and right above) but of course I'm a girl and I'd love another!!!  

 And it is high time I step up my cute accessory game!!! Last years gloves have seen better days! I need a snood or two, and some new mittens. And I'd love for those mittens to coordinate with a slouchy beanie!! Not too much to ask for right?!!!! 

How to do you manage to stay warm, dry and cute in the winter? 


  1. i am sort of obsessed with army green parkas right now. particularly when they are mixed with leather or fur. and i also love that knit snood!

  2. Thanks for having me LOVE!!! And I think tomorrow may be the day I pull the trigger on a date with a friend and Zara has a couple I've been eyeing!


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