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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Blogging With A C.H.

Hi Dooley Noted Style readers! I'm Christin from with a C.H. and I'm really excited to be filling in for Heidi today while she enjoys herself on vacation.

Since Heidi has told me she isn't much of a baker, I wanted to share the essentials that you need in your kitchen to whip up some muy deliciouso baked goods. Before you freak out, I really believe that essentials don't need to be Le Cruset or from Williams-Sonoma. Confession: most all of my bakeware and cookware is from Macy's and Target. Do not discount Macy's, those mofos are always having a sale!

The splurge item are the bowls. Trust me people, these bowls are the jam. I bought my set in 2007 and we use them non-stop. They are worth it. Now if you want to upgrade, be my guest. Another insider tip is that the Le Cresuset Spatula Spoon is the, but pretty pricey. However, their seasonal colors always go on sale and I hoard them then. You don't really need a mixer, but if you want to get one a simple hand mixer, this one will work great. If you love to bake and know you'll use it a lot, then pop up to a Kitchen Aid. Also, please don't get a color unless you know you'll love it forever. I have some friends that want to kill themselves over the pastel pink choice they made
Any questions, class? Thanks for having me, Heidi!


  1. I consider myself a somewhat serious baker and quality baking pans are worth every penny. I'm a big fan of NordicWare because they're high quality and made in the USA. Thankfully, I can find their pieces often on Rue La La and at second hand stores like TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

  2. i have a fantasy where everything in my kitchen will be le creuset.. but for now, le sigh & target!
    Fancy {No}Pants


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