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Monday, September 17, 2012

posh pups

I don't know a single person {nor would I probably want to} that doesn't crazy spoil their pups. Whether it's an extra long walk every day, an abundance of squeaky toys, treats galore or dressing up your pooch with the finest in doggy couture there are endless ways to return the favor of the unconditional love that a dog gives to it's owners. While I haven't been one to dress up a pooch {mostly because I always had large dogs all my life}  I do get a kick out of seeing other owners go to town with the very best for their furry friends. Check out some of the most unique canine finds I have scoured the web for to share with you!

 When I saw these modern dog homes I seriously couldn't stop staring. They are perfect for the modern pooch who enjoys their own space and wont be an eye sore in your home. However if you like my family, the dog usually has the best seat in the house and if a dog could laugh, mine would be in hysterics as I inched them towards their new seating area.

Perhaps a dual purpose planter/doggie house???

Let's face it, sheds are usually not the cutest yard accessory.  That is until I laid my eyes on this beauty below from the fab dog blog Dog-Milk.

The fun doesn't stop for your posh pop. Remember our fabulous guest post featuring Mungo & Maud? Well - they reached out to me to let me know about their pop up shop for Paris fashion week, where they will be featuring lots of great duds for your pooch - check out the juicy details here.

How about overalls & baseball caps for your little furry friend??? 
{loathe the hair coloring as seen below & here}

Male pups aren't always the easiest to dress up and tow around town. I do however love the idea of a little neck tie for your fella on a special occasion like a holiday photo card!!!
Finally the most creative use of a baby track suit converted into a doggy get up. I was dying when I saw this DIY!

Would you ever dress up your pup with designer digs???


  1. I think pretty much anything with animals is acceptable except when people push them around in strollers. That makes me want to yell at people.

    1. I am with you on the strollers - no go for me. I do however dig those neck ties & the stylish doggie homes!


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