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Thursday, September 27, 2012


There are a few design elements that I covet for a future home, i.e. exposed beam ceilings, a sliding rustic door to a room, dark as night wood floors and so on. One style that took me by suprise but I instantly fell for was the look of a dutch door. While I don't believe in going dutch on dates {sorry fellas, you should still treat a lady}, I do love this feature as an entry way in homes. Whether you use it as the focal point of your main entrance or utilize the style within the walls of your home to separate rooms I just adore the versatile look and features available of this old fashioned style. Check out some of my favorites below. 

Adore this glossy black double dutch doors. Stunning.

Pet Friendly

Dog Thoughts - Give me that cornbread!

double dutch doors - love!


letting the fresh air in & a pop of color

perfect for a summer cottage

such a beautiful entrance to a yard

I adore the uses of these in other ways then just a front door. Perfect for designating rooms for your furry friends and or your child's room having semi-privacy. 


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