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Monday, August 6, 2012

style & real estate - rural living edition

It is probably pretty obvious that I am far from a country girl, I don't like getting dirty, I can't stand chores involving yard work {thanks to a childhood of them} and I just don't know if I could handle the silence of nature after living in an urban environment after so many years. Soooo with all that being said I seriously was stopped in my tracks when recently doing my daily research of "whats new" in the real estate market and saw this country beauty below. You can find this real estate gem located in a charming town a short ride from Boston called Sudbury, MA and while I tend to prefer the Dutch Colonial styled homes this one comes full on with a new barn seamlessly attached to a historic house. If you recall I first shared my admiration for barns with my party to outfit post. Well folks, this one fits the bill perfectly. I love an old house with modern interiors and this beauty really got it right. I could really see how the country life could be so blissful in a farm house like this. I would gladly give up my stilletos {who am I kidding, I will always wear sitlletos} and trade them in for some wellies to live the good old country life. Check out all the gorgeous images below. 

Front of the Farm House
Rear of home & portion of the 8+ acres
dying over those rich dark floors
all white kitchen - check

master bedroom
master bath
perfectly restored old wood ceilings
one of the 10 fireplaces in the home - I would turn this into my office :)
my husbands dream lab space for all his brilliant work

the gorgeous slate patio where I will watch all my animals play

pet wish list

these little goats don't grow up to be much bigger then what is pictured. I would totally need three after seeing this photo. They are beyond words adorable.

I have always adored horses, I think they are the most gorgeous animal out there, however they are also one of the most expensive. Perfect solution is a mini horse. I know they would be perfect friends with the goats. 

This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, my dream pup, two or three berner's all from the same littler or family. They are the perfect gentle giant whose temperament and energy levels perfectly compliment John & me. 

and just because I can't resist a good old fashion tid bit - this is just ans insight on how I would do country style while transitioning from the city life


Daydreaming over...back to work - have a great day everyone!


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