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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

table for one

This past week my husband traveled across the US for about a zillion meetings and is finally back on the East Coast. I can't wait to get home to NY to see him and the rest of my family. Ten days has been the longest we have been apart and if we had gone any further I might have lost my marbles. At first the novelty of having my husband away meant no cooking, having first dibs on the remote and not making the bed, I thought this wont be so bad. Plus I got to dog-sit the worlds cutest cocker spaniel named Henry for a full week which was the best kind of company.

he sang to me every night 

Once Henry returned home I had plans with my friend to have dinner on the water {details coming in a post on Friday} and some furniture and interior decorating shopping on Saturday. However we made a pit stop for her pups birthday at a darling pet store on Newbury Street called Audreys. Not having a pet of mine own {sigh} I splurged on the furry babies that belong to my family and practically spent my pay check buying them toys & rubber wine/beer bottles, because what dog doesn't need that??

the soon to be spoiled pups
{Khloe, Murray & Mabel}

their treats

After picking out some fab styles for my friends new townhouse I was once again left at my lonesome with no plans. I decided to head to the mall and take full advantage of all the summer sales. Unfortunately for my closet, there wasn't anything that made me weak in the knees enough to purchase but there was tons for everyone else. If it wouldn't have bankrupted me I would have purchased everything at American Girl & Juicy Couture Kids for my nieces. I seriously couldn't take the cuteness. To keep up my energy for the shopping I needed to refuel with a bite of lunch and decided to go to a resto and avoid the dreaded food court. I have eaten alone once before but it was a diner in NYC where almost everyone was alone. This place was dead center in the middle of the mall and I swear the the table they gave me had a spotlight on it. 

I have been craving sushi big time & was hesitant to try mall sushi to fulfill the craving but gave it a whirl. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was really good & I love the option of ordering off a menu or picking up your favorites off the sushi train that runs around the entire restaurant. I ordered a volcano roll and a shrimp tempura roll. I have to admit that dining alone wasn't so bad but I would still take my husbands company any day.


  1. We gave Lucy one if her birthday presents from Audrey's a day early this morning...her new Chuck-It ball launcher :-) Took her to a huge field up the road from the lake and played a little early morning fetch. She loved it!

    1. P.S. So excited you liked Wasabi, can't wait to try ~ choo choo!

  2. LOVE Audrey's! The owners, Brad and Brittnay, are awesome---they used to walk Otis and Henry for us, and would even carry Otis down the stairs when his legs got bad. They have a boxer and a baby just a month younger than Abs. So glad that you found it!


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