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Monday, July 30, 2012

style & real estate - Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is by far one of my all time favorite actresses. Almost every single movie she has made has been a box office hit plus she is totally adorable which just makes you like her even more. She handles family drama {cheating husband, ill father} with ease and always comes out on top. Some would say that her breakthrough moment was Legally Blonde which I adored but my all time favorite was Man In The Moon when she still was an unknown starlet. With a roster full of incredible films and an Oscar} under her belt, two gorgeous kids with another on the way and a doting new husband you could say she has it all!  I was so thrilled to see where her backyard wedding took place when I saw her Ojai home featured in one of my favorite mag's Elle Decor, because who doesn't like a sneak peak into the homes of our favorite celebrities, especially the ones with good style!

March 2011 Wedding

does she not makes looking pregnancy super chic???

Deacon's Room

Ava's Room

Dining Room

Game Area

Living Room

Living Room

Al Fresco Dining 

my interpretation of Reese's inspirational decor
Navajo chic
art // couch // chair // stool // trunk // candles // wishbone // books // end table // lamp // flowers // rug


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