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Monday, July 9, 2012

soiree bars

The amount of inspiration out there for the brides to be is mind blowing. Gone are the days of just flipping through wedding magazines and ripping out your favorite pages to build your wedding style. There is complete sensory over load with wedding blogs, television shows, pinterest, etsy and so on. I obviously am completely in love with it all and wish I could do it all over again knowing what I know now. It seems as though all trends work these days and weddings aren't so cookie cutter. One fad that I adore is the idea of a "bar" at your wedding. Clearly I a booze bar is my favorite but after digging deeper I have noticed so many fabulously creative ideas for all different types of bars for to incorporate into your wedding decor. Have you done this at your wedding or will you featuring a creative bar for your guests???

Mimosa Bar

 Bourbon Bar

Vodka Bar

Coffee Bar

Candy Bar

Dessert  Bar

Martini Bar
{as seen at our wedding venue Belle Mer}


Lemonade Bar

Which is your favorite???


  1. This just motivated me to get into the new townhouse sooner so I can throw a party!! I love these...especially the mimosa bar :-)

  2. Heidi, your blog is amazing. Love your creative ideas and so wish you would write a book. beach bar is definitely my fave -- candy bar close second. :) xo


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