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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

happy art

So I keep hearing that the first wedding anniversary gift to your mate is supposed to be paper related, my clever neighbor had a genius plan to incorporate this with my "operation Bernese mountain dog" by getting newspaper to line a cage with but the hubs read the post on FB before I could really get into my spiel about giving each other a dog for our wedding anniversary - booooo! So I am moving on to other tactics and was spinning in my chair clapping my hands with excitement when I spotted this artist on another blog that I love reading Coco & Kelly. While I can't take credit for the glorious find, these illustrations were too good to not share with all of you. I seriously am head over heels with the idea of a custom pet portrait for the home. Yes, we were so that family growing up who had the painting of our dogs over the fireplace and I would do it again! I am so close to getting the Berner painting to torture my husband with.  Hanging photos of items I wanted all over the house worked growing up so perhaps this should be my strategy as an adult as well. Happy Menocal is an illustrator and painter in NYC that has been featured everywhere from House Beautiful to Jonathan Adler and I simply cannot get enough! His work is incredible and unique. I love the colors and personality he captures in his portraits and custom monograms. If you have read this blog before you know I am bananas about anything custom and it's a double whammy of fabulousness when combined with a monogram. These pieces of art are stunning and I can't wait to have one for myself one day!

seriously - tell me this isn't the perfect dog for us

Bernie the Berner

a painting of bagels - what new yorker wouldn't love to have this in their home???

i think these men's shoes illustration would be fab in a guys apartment or office

Check out these custom heraldry for a new family or wedding  - so beautiful in your custom colors for a save the date or invitation or even guest tote design

Logo for a club or business too!

NEED for some personal stationary!


  1. LOVE! You obviously need this pup! I trust that you can make it happen! ;)

    1. I am doing my best begging trying to get him to cave & blog often about the wishes - it's hasn't worked yet but I am very persistent :)


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