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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a hair do for I do

One thing I regret most about my wedding day is how my hair looked. In my head I pictured that I would  have had long beachy waves that looked effortlessly chic a la victoria secret hair. Instead my locks were the total opposite. My hair dresser insisted I be last to get my hair done which resulted in being rushed then about five minutes into photos ever curl fell out and went flat. Right before I walked down the aisle it was all straight again.  To top it off in all of my photos it looked like I needed a good brushing from all the wind off the water. I never even entertained wearing my hair back and now that I see so many beautiful hair accessories out there I just wish I could hop in the deloren with Doc, go back in time and tie my hot mess of hair into a  pretty but loose chignon so that I didn't look like I had just woken up and put on a white gown to say I do. C'est la vie - I still had the day of my dreams so I don't have a ground to stand on with being whiny brat almost a year later so time to move on! Below are some ahhhmazing accessories for your hair that had me swooning. I adore each and every one of them and I love that sparkle doesn't have to be reserved just for your wedding day anymore, you can wear it as much as your heart desires and I know definitely will be getting my hair some sparkle this summer!

so beautiful for a wedding day

add a pop of color for a night out

this nautical rope headband is super chic in this matte gold
I would likely wear this a bit different but I still love for a more casual look

a sparkle clip can make messy hair look stunning

or clip some bling into your bun for a elegant touch

I definitely don't think I could pull this off but I know so fab girls who could!

Can't forget about the little ladies!

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