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Thursday, March 29, 2012

stylish easter eggs

I always loved Easter growing up. Since I am not religious it most meant getting a fab new dress from my wonderful god mom and a basket full of candy. But what I truly would go bat shit crazy for would be the Easter egg hunt that would always take place in our yard. It was always a mad dash to get to the neon plastic eggs that were filled with candy and money, it was especially intense for the few that had the $5 or $10 bills in them. Since I was the youngest in my family up until my teen years I would say that I had the disadvantage of finding the hidden plastic eggs the quickest but being the youngest also meant extra help from the family like my Uncle Jack would always "help" me find the eggs that were out of my eye sight and direct me to the goods. I also adored coloring eggs growing up, the smell was atrocious but usually I would think it was funny the house smelled like a big fart and would laugh my tuckus off blaming our three dogs that it was them and to control their behinds (I know I am a huge dork,  but seriously why are farts so funny?). I would get so amped up to boil the eggs and start the dying process on our kitchen table covered in the NY times. Back then Paas was the only option for your egg coloring needs but today there are so many more fun ways to decorate - which leads me to this oh so stylish way to dye your eggs courtesy of Our Best Bites . All you will need is some eggs, old ties (has to be 100% silk), vinegar, rope, and basic white fabric.

step 1 - deconstruct the silk tie

(go to a thrift store to purchase an inexpensive tie or any silk blouse)

step 2 - wrap the eggs in the fabric securing with a string or twisty tie till fabric is smooth around egg

step 3 - use an old white sheet or pillowcase to wrap around the fabric & secure again with a tie

step 4 - put all the eggs in a pot & cover with water and 1/4 cup vinegar and bring to boil, remove after 20 minutes and let them dry - once cool you can remove fabric and see your very pretty egg

step 5 - Voila - The end result is a very stylish egg!

Check out these adorable eggs from not so attractive material

a basket full of these stylish eggs would make the prettiest table centerpiece


***For more detailed instructions visit Our Best Bites***
All images & content via Our Best Bites

what to do with all those eggs once you have dyed them??? Egg salad of course! how adorable is this recipe from Hungry Happenings

Happy Easter!

1 comment:

  1. Best easter egg idea...ever. Pinning immediately!


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