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Friday, March 2, 2012

silver, gold & all that shines

I have always loved mixing silver and gold, what once was a faux pas is everywhere in our stylish world. Two tone jewelry is a staple in my daily outfit and now that I am attempting to accessorize my apartment with some small pieces here and there to make it look like a tigress lives there, I find myself selecting items that have metallic finishes to them and don't mind that if everything isn't matchy-matchy. I think gold and silver actually compliment each other quite well, take a look at some of the interiors below that show just how stylish pairing these two colors can be!

loving these gold and silver pillows which are uber glam mixed with the masculine plaid

silver mirrors & gold walls live harmoniously together & don't even get me started on those fab ceilings with the metallic finish

this lux living room is chock full of mixing grays & champagnes & is simply stunning

this contemporary entrance is overflowing with gold & silver elements yet it's doesn't look cluttered

note to self to decorate with silver & gold candles everywhere the holidays - GORG

the antiqued silver mirrors with the pale gold wallpaper gives this bathroom a warm glow

If I ever had to describe this room without an image I would think it sounded like a hot mess but accessorizing an all grey room with gold and silver looks positively luxurious & inviting

this soft palette of silver & gold is totally my speed

get some silver & gold for your home
silver and goldmetallic prints for the home or office
I think one of each side by side would be so pretty

1 comment:

  1. I too love gold and silver and most things metallic.

    I love those prints! Gorgeous!



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