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Friday, March 9, 2012

In Bed with Sue Bryce

Last weekend John & I had some photographs taken in our home by the very talented Lisa Rigby (John obliged me by not only taking the day off of work & have his picture taken but also made the three of us sushi for lunch - gold star for the hubs). I have posted some of her amazing photographs before on the blog and will divulge more into the most recent "photo shoot" in another post at a later date. But today is about another photographer Lisa shared with me during our chatting.  An incredible Australian photographer named Sue Bryce was her name and the second I looked her up I seriously almost fell off my chair at her ridiculously beautiful photos. I mean - even Lisa told me she was ready to hop on a 24 hour flight to get her photo taken by this talented woman. I of course chimed in that I am going as well. I was blown away by the amazing before and afters images of previous clients and then fell even more in love with her when I read her endearing story of how she started this portrait company out of her garage with $3,000 loan from her folks. I just love a story of a self made woman, don't you?!  Not only does she photograph ridiculously gorgeous woman but she also teaches other photographers how she does it - sharing her knowledge on how to shoot real bodies of real woman.  She has evolved her style and brand over twenty years and what was once called Glamour Shots back in the day are now fashionable styled contemporary portraits that will make your head spin! I spent almost an entire evening on her site & reading her blog. Feast your eyes on all of the gorgeousness below!!!

Sue Bryce

her AHHHHHmazing work

Before & After

Anyone else want to fly down under to get their photo taken with us???

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