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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

belle of the ball - dresses for charity

Remember how much fun proms were??? Picking out dresses, getting your nails done (I always opted for acrylics of course) and hitting the town in a limo with your friends and possibly a cutie on your arm. I was lucky, mine were all sponsored by my parents but not everyone has such luck. A lot of girls don't get the fun memories of their prom because it just costs too much, which is why I am loving this charity called Belle of the Ball sponsored by Antons Cleaners.  We all have that dress in the back of our closet that we wore once, swore we would wear again and never did. If it's not that dress it's the little number we purchased hoping we would fit into one day if we ever could love the gym. Even the bridesmaid dress that everyone swore to you "could wear again" but never will may be a treasure to someone else. Instead of staring at the gown you will never wear again, free up some closet space and do something good with your duds - donate them! A friend sent me this link  today and I thought it was perfectly suited with the "wedding wear" post today! 

Check out all the details here - Belle of the Ball
attend their first fundraising event which has a give away & a fashion show from Bloomingdale's!

So if you are likely to go get yourself a new dress this season, donate an old one, I know I will!

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