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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

trash to treasure

One of the few television shows my husband and I don't battle over the remote for is American Pickers. I love seeing this sort of geeky duo go through the country and scope out all these crazy hoarders - ah hem - I mean collectors. Being the total sally sensitive that I am I actually got teary on one episode where this one old lady lost her husband (who was the collector of the family) and she was relinquishing some of his items. It was heartbreaking to see her part with things that her husband loved and I honestly think she just enjoyed the company of Mike and Frank in her old warehouse home. I am such a sucker for old people. I used to always cry when they lost on the Price is Right & thought they should always get a prize no matter what, but enough of that the matter at hand is that these two guys find items that they call "rusty gold"  and will either refurbish or recreate the items to something someone would actually want in their home. Someone eleses trash can be another persons treasure.  This bring me to today's feature on a Cape Town artist named Katie Thompson. Her studio and online shop REcreate is all about taking items from the past and reusing them in new and stylish ways. She repurporses items like suit cases, clocks and scales into interesting conversation starters. I picked a few of my favorites featured on her site but go on and look for yourself and see everything she has got! There are lots of fun items you can purchase for your home or office!

chic suitcase chair
how cute for a child's bedroom or in a dressing room to put your shoes on

wash tub ottoman

suitcase bench

trunk bench

vintage mini fridge storage

milk can stool

old church bench made into chairs

scale converted into a clock

vintage typewriter converted into a light
so cute for a writers office

hospital cart bar cart

old drum bulletin
would love this in an office

vintage scale clock

old refurbished headboard

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