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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

paved in crystal

Calling all SATC fans yet again - remember the episode when BIG gave Carrie a very expensive bird purse. She had told him she loved him & she got a beaded bird. One of my all time favorite episodes. I am pretty confident that I had no idea who Judith Leiber was when I first saw the episode and the gift was hardly going to make me want to look her up and make a purchase! I keep seeing her bags pop up everywhere in the department stores and on the red carpets from all the award shows going on. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw how expensive these little evening bags were.

everyone remember this cutie patooties little leiber cupcake bag the day of the wedding?

the good & the bad

 let's start with the bad
(I like to end on a positive note)

this "provence" purse looks like a bunch of crystal asparagus to me

the rainbow pug below looks a little cross eyed no?

JLo flaunting her dolphin purse which looks like one of her twins toys if you ask me

this dolphin clutch (which probably can hold a single lip gloss) can be yours for $5K

worlds most expensive bee's

seriously who would carry this pagoda house???

the good

allbeit expensive the below clutches are simply beautiful if you have the bucks!

a neutral ombre - in love

pop of color with the jelly bean line

love anything with a bit or moroccoan flair

wedding pillbox 
(perhaps to hold some ativan for the nervous bride)

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