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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

bake off

Calling all bakers - this girl needs some help! I just might be the worlds worst baker, but it never stops me from being all wide eyed over baking gear every time I step into a cooking store and now even more so after a long weekend in the baking capital of the world I am definitely feigning for the skill set to bake properly at home. I usually like to blame the gas oven for my baking catastrophes as everything always comes out too dense, undercooked, or burnt. So if I had an electric oven and some time to actually bake, all the items below would become part of my baking repertoire fo sho. Any tips on how to bake with a gas stove or any special tricks to baking I am completely in the dark about??? HELP!!!

worlds cutest cake knifes

measuring cups

or these

I am such a sucker for packaging


~Go Shopping~


  1. Love this :) When I perfect baking myself I will let you know, I love to bake, I especially need help with the decorating!

  2. Start easy (like cookies - coconut macaroons!) and always focus and follow directions!! Have fun, and its better to under-bake than over bake!! I'd rather have a goo-of-a-cookie or cake than a burnt one!!


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