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Monday, January 16, 2012

a stylish sunday

Its 1am and I am sitting at my husbands desk in our apartment typing with one eye open after a fun filled weekend away in Portland, Maine with some of my best friends from college. I am beyond thrilled that my office is closed tomorrow so I can sleep in be lazy the entire day. I however thought it was a good idea to get my writing done before I go pass out for the next 16 hours.  I have to admit that I don't always watch the Golden Globes but after last years show when the host Ricky Gervais ripped celebrities to shreds and caused such havoc in Hollywood I tuned in to see who his next victims would be.  I truly believe all the celebrities that caused a stink about his jokes last year came across as such whiny babies in the press that everyone removed the stick from their ass and just sat back and laughed off the insults this year. However I also think Ricky toned down his material so he isn't the most hated man in the star studded town. (Side note - if you haven't seen his show "Idiot Abroad" - go watch it - it's hysterical. I can't wait for the sequel to last seasons wonders of the world to watch this years bucket list.) OK enough about that let's get back to the good stuff - the fashion. Now I am sure everyone in the blogosphere is probably simultaneously posting about their favorites and failures on the red carpet. I will be no different and hopping on board to post my opinions on the styles as well. While I have no place to be critiquing these people I still will. I can't help but love the fashion and automatically wanted to talk to my girlfriends about all their picks for best dressed.  I also will also be tuning into my beloved Fashion Police tomorrow night to hear the hilarious Joan Rivers quick witted jokes on all the gowns and the stars wearing them.

the winners 
(according to moi)

I am adoring this blush Dior number on the South African beauty along with the crystal headband & side bun is simply stunning

Claire Danes is bringing sexy back with her open back gown & perfectly shaped derriere

Debra Messing's one shoulder gown reminds me of the red gown I had picked in Fridays post 

Elle is 47 - enough said - I loathe how perfect she is

"always a mom first & actress second" (such a cute thank you speech) Michelle Williams keeps it conservative but elegant & of course I am loving the headband on her pixie cut - so clever to dress up a short hair do with fun accessories

Mila Kunis rocked this black chiffon gown with nude lining - this is a dress I totally would love to wear

Canary yellow was a big color this year and while the color isn't one of my favorites I think it looks fabulous on the olive skin tone of Paula Patton

Sophia Vargas in a rich Sapphire Vera Wang gown with pin straight hair adorned with chandelier earrings - simply beautiful

Selma Hayek's gold and black beaded gown is so modern and perfectly fit to her voluptuous shape - loved it with her perfectly curled locks (this lucky B is married to the Louis Vuitton empires CEO imagine her handbag collection)

I couldn't resist Heidi's turquoise statement necklace & nude gown - pairing the neutrals with bold colored accessories is just so effortlessly chic & I may need to imitate this color combo this summer

the losers

did the worlds largest pen explode on this gown en route to the show??? Sarah's tie dye hot mess was an epic fail

what is up with Kelly's hair color??? while I like the color this gown has one too many pointy corners on this dress for my liking

Kyle Richards dog color necklace & horse mane of hair combined with this inexpensive looking gown isn't doing her any favors

Madonna needs to be rid of the Popeye arms and the leather glove pronto. This too tight thunder-dome inspired number didn't impress

I truly hate when a gown doesn't lay flush to the floor & while this hem length may have been purposefully short, I don't get it. The iridescent overlay makes this dress look positively prom-ish

add some rhinestone bracelets & long satin gloves & Natalie could remake Madonna's material girl music video in her fuschia gown

Nicole's studded Versace number was the wrong color on her pale skin
(side note - why does no one ever mention that she doesn't have the kids she was mom to with Tom Cruise...very odd to me)

Reese looks ready for valentines day in this too long red gown & why didn't she do her hair???

Amanda Peet isn't doing her figure justice in this tiered lace gown

Angelina's color blocked gowns neckline looked like it swallowed up her neck when she sat down & seriously needs to eat a burger, she is way to thin! These two could easily pass for their Madame Tussaud's wax figures when they pose - me no likey.

Whose looks did you love & hate this year???


  1. Hated Angelinas! Loved all the ones you loved, and Michelle Williams is so cute I want to put her in my pocket! I love yellow but the canary is a bit nirght but I did hear it is the "in" color for 2012 too... not sure if its a no no with my skin and hair combo but you know I am bold with color!! I died laughing at the Madonna arms, becaues Pierce Morgan was on the View yesterday saying Madonna is never allowed on his show because of her arms! Ha

  2. a bit bright I meant :)

  3. I loved Selma's geometric dress. And of course anything Michelle does is perfection!

  4. I love Michelle Williams, she is adorable and while many have her worst dressed list I think it's perfect, she always is true to her own style and that is rare! Kara - Im with you, I like yellow but have trouble wearing it because Im fair and blonde. I have no doubt that you could pull it off and look fabulous! Going to go look up Selmas dress now!


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