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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

nothing artsy fartsy here - part 2 - a colorful childrens room

Anyone who knows me knows I generally shy away from color in my wardrobe and in my decorating. I seriously have five things in my closet that aren't black and even though I love those pieces I rarely show them any love. I can't help to think that one day when/if I have children, that a kids room is the best place to go hog wild with color. So I used the most colorful piece of artwork exhibited in part one of todays post and designed a room around it. Some pieces are expensive and some are super affordable and while the pink/orange carpet may be partial to a girls room, almost everything here comes in a blue version too, yay -bonus! I love the navy couch (wont show stains) and the tiled pattern rug (big shocker as tiled patterns have been haunting me from the blog design to my wedding invitations). The white chenille polka dot bedding is super soft and cozy. The pom pom throw and Jonathan Adler LOVE pillows are whimsical and purposeful for the nights when you just can't bear to leave the little nugget alone in the nursery. I'm not sure I ever saw a child use a rocking horse but damn it they are cute for decor. Maybe one day I will put together a room as fun as this one for a little human myself (or a berner)!

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