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Friday, January 20, 2012

mirror mirror on the wall...

A mirror just might be the most perfect accessory for the home. It's functional, purposeful and decorative. I recently realized that I only have one mirror in my home and it's in the bathroom. If I want to check out if my outfit is suitable for leaving the confines of our apartment I have to stand on the toilet. This really puts the hubs over the edge because of his cleanliness tendencies. I am pretty sure when I am not around he would break out the forensic black light to show my footprint marks and prove that I stood on the toilet seat and that it would need a thorough cleaning because of it - just kidding honey...sort of. I am craving a floor length mirror for the house and while I seriously do not have a clue where I would put it I know I still want it. My research for how to use mirrors in the home had me completely in awe on how beautiful you can decorate every room in your home with this singular item. Below are some of my favorite looks and at the very bottom a shopping guide to buy similar looks for your home.

the most obvious room to have a mirror is clearly the bathroom - I am in love with the vintage finish on this floor to ceiling mirror

designate his & hers sinks with the style & shape of your mirrors

over sized mirror behind the tub helps fill a blank wall & is uber romantic

I heart everything with perfect symmetry & incorporating mirrors into the cabinet doors ties this polished  look together perfectly

lining your stairs with mirrors of all different shapes & styles while maintaining the same color scheme is a big fat DO in my book and will be noted in my house loves file

adoring the vintage charm of the shabby mirrors below

matching large rectangle mirrors in an entry way of a home is a great place to take one final glance on your way out the door & give a bland wall some style

use a simple mirror over decorative furniture 

or a rich gold over a bold chevron patterned wall - so modern & fun

mirrors on shelves = instant wall art

sunburst mirrors have made the ultimate come back and can be used in so many ways

lots of mixed starburst's

or a single large sunburst

or in a less formal material like driftwood sunbursts for a beachier look

replace a painting or a television with a decorative mirror over your mantle

or swap out a traditional head board for a mirrored one

layering mirrors of all different sizes on a dresser is super beautiful

an antique finish on large mirror behind nightstand - so chic and not over the top girly

build your mirror into your furniture & doorways like the pieces below

french style armoire with full length mirror built into doors - double purpose - brilliant

rustic doors made contemporary with mirror panels

add a lattice overlay on  your mirror to keep the furniture contemporary

~ Go Shopping ~

driftwood mirrors -

antique floor mirror -

gold framed mirror -

distressed white wood mirrors -

mirrored wardrobe -

frameless mirrors -

sunburst mirrors -

shabby chic mirrors -

multi-panel mirror -||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Sku_Top_Marketing_Rule%7CMirror%20Search%20Term-_-

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