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Monday, January 9, 2012

luggage worth lugging

Since all the holiday fun is over and if you live in the northeast like moi it pretty much means there is not much but four more months of cold to look forward too. I have been hearing a lot of friends travel plans or wishes to travel which made me think that I am in desperado for some new luggage. It all started after our honeymoon where I schlepped an 84lb suit case on small island hopper's and my husband had to pay $100 for an overweight charges on Jet Blue (love you honey). Upon on return home my husband was so fed up with this back breaker that the second I unpacked he threw it out to the curb with a big smile on his face. He told me we would never put ourselves through the agony of dragging that monstrosity around ever again.  Since most of our travel is usually shorter trips (thanks to two weeks vaca from my job) my wedding gift from John of a monogrammed duffel has been more then suitable and really my absolute dream getaway bag. However I would never check that little beauty so it had me looking for a more functional set that I don't mind being manhandled behind the scenes at the airports of the world. 

Part two will have some incredible destinations/resorts around the world to take your new luggage on vacation!

the honeymoon luggage - guess which one was mine?!?

a bit expensive but oh so durable & classic black

wont be difficult to spot these bright babies on the luggage belt

for the mini humans in your life - boys

for the mini humans in your life - girls

for the trendy weekender

for the carry on only folks

nylon designer duffel

for the furry friend

for the fashionista
(Missoni limited edition by Bric's)

junk in the trunk never looked so good with these stream liners

 le grand finale-  goyard luggage - the set below is off the charts fabulous
(probably wouldn't want to check this either)

~ Go Shopping ~

tumi black luggage set -

boys luggage -

girls luggage -

(sold in Barneys & Bergdorfs in Boston & NYC)

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