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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

decorate your work

Let's face it - our places of work never look as chic as they do in the movies or on TV.  I very rarely see commercial real estate that is designed beautifully on the inside, and property management is what I do for a living. Office furniture is generally hideous and the good stuff is usually only in the top dogs office. The few stylish work spaces I ever see are those of sole entrepreneurs that can creatively do what they want in there own space. Which leads me to my new obsession of decorating my tiny boring office with small touches of happiness to make my paying job a bit less tedious. My thinking started here...there are somethings I just like better like in paper format like reading a hard covered book (I have not caved to the kindle or the ipad reading phenomenon just yet) 2. I love paper calendars, I hate having to look up my calendar on my computer every time I need to make plans or figure when my next pay check is coming. So I was beyond thrilled when I was recently in a local stationary shop purchasing stickers for my niece Emma (after receiving the sticker club chain mail -  my most sincere apologies to all  the friends I forwarded this on to, Gina, Liz, Kara, Kerry, & Shelly - I owe you a cocktail) I spotted my new desk calendar that I got for 50% off  - whoop whoop! It's simple and stylish and it makes me happy to look at, sometimes it's the small things people! It made me want to do more accessorizing in the office to make my work life a little less les miserables.  Check out all the goodies below you can buy for your office to make it a prettier place.  Part two will have ahhhhmazing office photos that I imagine would make having to work a lot more enjoyable and give me inspiration to be a lot more creative on a daily basis.

my new desk calendar in it's tiny lucite cube

each month has a different look - so fun!

my desk calendar

chic non traditional rolodex

would so look pretty in a lucite cup holder

monkey & elephant tape dispenser

brass business card holder

animal print file folders

monogrammed note pad

stackable lacquer boxes

pretty pin board for photos/swatches/notes/calendars etc.

chalk it up to good style & function with the write on file boxes

or skip the white board and go with the old school black chalk board

brass squirrel letter opener

super pretty letter holder (pairs nicely with the pin board above)

days of the week clips - fun for moms too

~ Go Shopping ~

desk calendar, rolodex, note pad & files -

1 comment:

  1. I am so with you on making my itty bitty cube into something a little sassier! I spend enough time here for the love GOD!!! One of my favorite things on my desk is my pen holder. This is a short square glass vase from your wedding that is filled with bright fun Sharpie’s! There is nothing more amusing than negotiating a deal with a hot pink Sharpie!!!


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