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Sunday, December 4, 2011

for the love of the weekend getaway

This past weekend my husband and I spent a quiet and uber-relaxing weekend away in the woods of Vermont. Twin Farms in Barnard, VT is a 5 star all inclusive resort where each guest gets a choice of their private residence which are all themed ranging from a Moroccan Berber tented style room to a modern city studio. However, we chose the 200-year-old cabin nestled in the woods removed from all the other miniature farmhouses. It felt the most Vermont-ish to me and it was appropriately themed by dog decor. There wasn't an inch of this place that wasn't covered in doggie decor (I think my husband has officially gotten the hint that I would like a pup pronto).  I didn't stop with the dog cabin; I took it to the next level and packed dog flannel pajamas to match the occasion. I don't mess around - I am fully invested in "operation adopt peanut butter cup dog".

The Main House at Twin Farms

The bridge to the Pub & Fitness Room (guess which one we didn't visit)

The pup pajamas

Our log cabin pictured below was originally from the woods of Tennessee (just imagine all the moonshine that was drank within those four gingerbread styled walls) and transported and rebuilt for Twin Farms, the addition of the bathroom and dressing rooms were a much-needed feature for this little home. John & I each had our own closets, which was a great thing since I had packed six pairs of shoes and many outfit options for our two-night stay. Hey you can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl!

Some of the doggie decoy's on our fireplace's mantle

I'm pretty sure I would feed my parents English Springer Spaniel this way if they would let me 

The closet/bar area & my cute hubs

Living Room fitted with mounted dog statues & dog quilts, the rug is teeny tiny paw prints

They clearly didn't think adding dog curtains would be overkill

The entrance door fitted with a bone shaped peephole

Before we had arrived we had to fill out a questionnaire for the food and wine selections we would be presented with each day. I scratched out the game and organ meats instantly while my husband was more adventurous and kept almost everything an option for him to try. Everything that was prepared was only served once during your stay and every meal is custom to your tastes. The only menu at Twin Farms is their extensive wine cellar where you can find almost any vintage vino you can dream of. As soon as our plates were presented to us and the server had disappeared I tortured my husband by photographing most of our meals explaining it was R&D for the blog and I cant half ass this new hobby. I go big or go home! He shook his head at me per usual. Some of my favorite meals are below.

Afternoon dessert of cranberry cream sorbet with pulled sugar & candied lychee

Breakfast starter of cantaloupe ribbons in a passion fruit puree

Breakfast entree of blueberry soufflĂ© style pancakes

Another afternoon dessert of coconut rice pudding with a ricotta fritter on a current jam and fresh pistachio drizzle

Lunch of overnight-braised pork shoulder with steamed buns, bok choy salad & four sauce accompaniments of homemade mustard, melon and onion relish, radish slaw & petite sliced pickles

While the resort was absolutely ahhhmazing...the surrounding town of Woodstock truly won me over. Saturday afternoon we went to this storybook town and shopped for some Christmas ornaments (I know I know - nerd alert). We strolled the holiday decorated streets, walked through a covered bridge, saw a horse and buggy go by and then in town saw the worlds largest dog with it's last baby pup (who the owner was trying to sell & I was desperately trying to buy). I seriously felt like I was living a scene from a movie - sort of like Funny Farm when Chevy Chases character is trying to sell their country farm and they queue the deer to run across the property to give off the perfect picture moment for the future buyers. Well in this moment I was that buyer and I was sold. Within my first 24 hours in our cozy cabin I was on the resorts Wi-Fi and searching real estate for sale to own a slice of this peaceful existence away from our urban life. I found a newly built log cabin (picture below) which resulted in the next days lunch conversation consisting of me trying to justify cashing in my 401K to have the down payment for this little woodsy nugget. My husband entertained me and let me go on about having a weekend home and even drove me past the property but eventually brought me back to reality - booooooo. Living in a fantasy world is so much more fun!

                                                  Carriage rides that left from the Inn at Woodstock in town

The stud named Zandor & his baby boy pup who needs a home (I have the number for anyone interested in adopting that Chewbacca lookalike)

My future retirement plan

A BIG thank you to the wonderful family who gave us this extraordinary wedding gift, you know who you are and we are forever grateful for such a fantastic weekend away.

For More Information on Twin Farms visit

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