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Friday, December 30, 2011

cover it up

I am in desperate need of an IPhone cover and have been on the hunt ever since my gold sparkly cover fell apart.  While I loved the glitter look soooo much - my wireless expert of a husband kept reminding me that the metal pieces were interfering with the signal strength which was frustrating me daily.  I argued back that I couldn't part with the cover because it's like when gorgeous shoes hurt, sometimes to look good things don't always work out as we wish. Well needless to say he was right and I ditched the cover. Since I drop my phone about 20 times a day from pure clumsiness I am now looking for something stylish and durable this time around. Below are my recent finds - which do you fancy or any tips on covers you have and recommend?

for the prepsters out there - Lily Pulitzer patterns

for the lady who hates a purse (like my good friend Meg)

wish I posted this in "for the love india"

for my fellow tigresses

hellooooo lovvvvaaaa - so my speed - Swarovski crystals in signature black

perf for the anti-clutter guy or gal

love me anything monogrammed

any old school Nintendo fanatics out there?

rustic chic

for the mass transit traveler

for the "saved by the bell" fans

for the artsy folk

textured leather case

the custom case - I am such a sucker for anything with an elephant on it

Go Shopping 

1. Lily -

2. Michael Kors -

3. leather case -

4. tigress case -

5. black crystal -

6. no clutter case -

7. monogram -

8. old school gaming -

9. rustic -

10. maps -

11. 80's phone -

12. arts -

13. ostrich stamped case -

14. custom -

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